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  1. well your banned for not having a signature
  2. geek,loser,nerd and well thats it i dont like theis words every time someone says thes at my schoole i feel like punching them in the face-_- their simply not a word really just made up but put in the dictionary cuese ther stupid
  3. after seeing his art im im speech less i cant move my mouth great just great never mind hopefully one day i become as good as him or at least close
  4. its probably me i do set my exspetations high i should set them lower
  5. oh and weapons um necromancers defult weapon and swamp troopers green staff
  6. well my charector of choic is rather obveios
  7. me have reqest the necromancer or a swamp trooper please
  8. can you make me the necromancer with flams coming out of his hands and maybe some flams in background
  9. should i get a cc figurin i would get one without asking but 20 is alot for somthin that small is it worth payin 20 for it i have 70 somethin 12 in bank should i??????
  10. they should add a jungle has plant creaturs and swamp troopers ,beach has crabes and pirets ,fun land a level based on the pink knight where apples/food is candy and stuff has enemys that look like the troll but are pink and made of candy , evil town a place before the evil wizerds castlh has all the enemys incuonterd before , rocky lands like the full moon level has stove faces and ware wofls small and beefy , if u have more ideas please post and i found the caimpain to short especly when having fun
  11. i never found the stove knights anoying at all i found them easy i find the corn boss to be very anoying!!!!!
  12. me think um? probibly the ice guy or the fire demons funny their both opisites