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  1. Any Behemoth game on Switch would be dope
  2. I know I'll get a lot of hate for asking this question, but I really can't help but wonder if there is any hope for Battleblock Theater coming to Mac. BBT was one of my absolute favorite XBLA games, and I'd definitely love to play through it again, but I unforunately do not own or have access to a PC. Will it ever possibly come to Mac? Thanks in advace!
  3. Never mind. I had to trade my troll for it but at least I got it
  4. Dag nabit. I missed the theif head while in San Diego. Would anyone be willing to trade me one? I have a couple star heads I'd trade. (I missed most the good ones) but if you have multiple and would be willing to trade me one that'd be great, as the Theif is my favorite CC character.
  5. I'll trade Scuba Steve for a Theif head
  6. We are butterducks. We can poop on sidewalks and you can't judge us.

  7. We are Butterducks. We can poop on sidewalks and you can't judge us.

  8. I was so excited when I saw it was coming to Steam! I sure hope it will be available for Mac.
  9. Yeah it would be really cool if you could be Hatty. But I'm glad there's no DLC for this game, as I am not a fan of having to pay more for games you've already bought. So if they added him I'd rather be able to unlock him, instead of buy him. But I would buy him if it was possible to be him.
  10. For some reason I can not do anything on these forums. I can't post, add a profile picture, or do squat. Why? I've been a member for a while now.

  11. Dude a Hatty head would be pretty cool. Hatty is my favorite character from any series, EVER.
  12. This is a cool idea, but I think it would be even cooler if they released a Hatty head. Hatty is my favorite character of all time from anything.