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  1. Pit People Update 4: Vibrant Villains has launched on both Xbox One Game Preview and Steam Early Access! There are new story missions, 2 new multi-part city quests, and a whole new world map with 15 new bonus missions. With everything combined, players can expect at least another 5 hours of gameplay! We also have several other improvements to the game. See the full change list HERE.
  2. emil

    Forum Themes?

    try out, 'AlternateChicken' it should be there if you refresh. i can easily try some variations too for a super dark theme, but that will take some more time.
  3. emil

    Forum Themes?

    I removed that option. The old theme is no longer supported and we've switched over to this new one permanently.
  4. emil

    Great redesign

    so yeah this was a fairly major update. lots of changes. change is good. makes things more secure and provides some other options as well. --there's a 'Discover' section now for new content - check it out here -- http://forums.thebehemoth.com/discover/ --signatures turned back on -- needed them to be disabled for a little bit while some things rebuilt in the background --you can now sign in with both google and facebook logins as well. if you have an account already and the emails match up a merge will perform. --bunch of other features/enhancements have been disabled but will turn back on slowly. appreciate the feedback
  5. emil

    Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    Oh hey! So i changed things around. Sorry for the randomness, but it was long overdue. Just wanted to organize the front page some more and condense the crap out of everything. Sometime this year we'll be switching over to a new forum look and feel so this is just a little preparation for that. (Also, I hated the side bar floating latest topic window so much! I've been meaning to remove it but it was causing some other visual bugs so I had just left it up way too long. Finally tracked down the issue and removed it for good.) Thanks!
  6. emil

    Good Bye, Serioustown

    serioustown....... more like seriousvillage. am i right ? (i'm sorry)
  7. http://blog.thebehemoth.com/2014/03/04/battleblock-theater-coming-soon-to-pc/ STEAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  8. emil

    I'm All Alone

    I think it all works now. Maybe?
  9. emil


    brackets just updated.
  10. emil


    went live with everything a little early, regardless though brackets are UP! http://www.thebehemoth.com/tournaments/ good luck
  11. emil

    A New Addition In A New Edition

    So much anger. Let's celebrate! not instigate.
  12. emil

    Castle Crashers on Steam?

    Damn right. We'll continue to support our games. Thanks so much! Are there plans for a Linux version with the upcoming release of Steam on Linux? Just focusing on getting this thing done and out the door for Windows for now. Small steps.
  13. emil

    Castle Crashers on Steam?

    Damn right. We'll continue to support our games.
  14. emil

    Castle Crashers on Steam?

    yes. edit: damn it feels good to finally be able to type that.
  15. emil

    Behemoth's New Slogan:

    Valve of XBLA sounds like a compliment really.