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  1. I just logged into by Behemoth account after a long period of time and while I was trying to reset the password I found that the old yahoo email account I was using was hacked. Bleugh
  2. I'm getting annoyed at all of the content that I'm missing out on... Does anyone know if a Dev has confirmed whether or not 360 will be getting these updates ever? I mean even if they released it in a year I honestly wouldn't care.
  3. -No one cares if the PS3 DOESN'T have content they want it for everyone. -Since this post is directed towards 360 users saying that Playstation got Alien Hominid before Xbox is not a good reason. -If it doesn't matter then why waste time typing this... -What? do you want to buy it a third time? If they released this for xbox you could save $15. -A great game is a great game even if its a year and a half old. Just because someone waits longer than someone else for a game doesnt make them more derserving of exclusive content. -The announcement only says that it's coming to the PS3 ( as of now) Battle block theater is listed as Xbox 360 as of now. For all we know its coming to PS3 and 360.
  4. Granted but the fire burns everything and prevents you from using the computer I wish that you would stop spilling milk on your keyboard.
  5. Granted but the fire is only a figment of your imagination ( and you already are a pedo) I wish i was made of poo
  6. Granted but you can only turn them into spiky dildos used by gay people I wish that someone else was posting on this forum right now
  7. Granted but they are all penis flavored instead I wish that i would win the lottery
  8. Granted but immediately after you heal them they die I wish I was part turtle
  9. Granted but it rapes Michael Jackson and he gives you stds which he got from small baby boys I wish that I was a smurf
  10. You're so much cooler than everyone else that they decided to eat your spleen I wish i could pee with my nose
  11. Granted but you get genital herpes and breast cancer I wish I had a bucket of fried applesauce.
  12. K my first eggs hatched sooo heres my next batch
  13. TorSmawbs

    The Fail Game

    waddle dee's face is balding Potatoes
  14. Painterr beacause he reminds me of the painter boss from kirby 64
  15. Banned for not giving me tater tots
  16. On the deal of the week post it says Multiplayer Arcade Mayhem about alien hominid. Huh? no it's not... not even close ... the only thing online is pda games and all you can eat. The main game which is the best part isnt online. Unless they make the real game online they should probably change what it says or i can forsee people buying a game that they thought was online and being pissed that it wasnt (which it definately should be)