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  1. Dan the barbarian battle looks amazing. if I could selfishly ask for one more thing is there anyway you can put you sinature on it that way people will know it was from a great artist.I hope thats not pushing it, thats all I would ask after you have done this amazing piece for me. again awesome Dan
  2. Wow Dan Hellvector's final looks awesome I cant wait to see the barbarian battle all colored cause that means its one step closer to being on my arm sweet. kudos Dan!
  3. I would also appreciate the scepter as well feel free to add me GT- I Am An Idea
  4. honestly as I respect your opinion i really do, you only live once and I like to live with no regrets and there are plenty of things that I will look back on and wonder why, that's the fun in life. I really like the art style that Dan does, I honestly like the art more than the game not by much but its true, and when I get this done when people ask about it I will have a story to tell since every tattoo undoubtedly has a story. Also since this is not my first tattoo I am aware of my decision and am glad to have it done.
  5. oh and the only thing I would need done to it is to have it colored other than that its amazing
  6. Hey Dan Yeah the battle art one looks amazing I love the detail in it. awesome work!!!
  7. yeah if you would. I really liked that one and I think that one would look really sweet on my arm.
  8. hey dan I was wondering if you had a chance to add some detail to the second sketch in this picture. the one with the barbarians and king??
  9. awesome work Dan those are some very cool sketches I cant wait to see them all colored, also Happy Belated B-day!!
  10. hey I dan I really like the one with the barbarians and knights i think it looks sweet, I would love to see detail on that one since it has uncanny awesomeness. the more awesome you make it the more awesome my arm becomes. Kudos dan! much appreciation
  11. Again thanks Dan for doing this for us. I am so excited to see the sketches since once those are done that's one step closer to having one sweet tattoo.
  12. Awesome Dan I look forward to seeing your awesome creation!
  13. this would be my second tattoo. my first being a Tibetan prayer (Om Mani Padme Hum) on my right arm. but I have thought about it. I don't know if I'll ever go as far as getting an entire sleeve at least not yet but I do appreciate the input and no worries on the wall of text. oh and as far as detail goes dependent on how much I need and the size I desire I would probably find the best tattoo artist I could to make sure the detail was spot on.
  14. well if they ever introduce a mickey mouse animal orb I can see that. but its just an odd coincidence
  15. I would think if we did get more pics and such it would be whenever we get the chainsaw and character dlc whenever that may be. but thats my guess I would personally dig having some individual character themes. red knight FTW!!!