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  1. WHAT?? It's Dan's creation. not something from our souls.
  2. are these just things that hang on the wall?
  3. that is freakin amazing. thank you. he is also my favorite, i have almost every comic that h has been in. p.s. how do i make this my avatar? i'm having trouble with the sizeing
  4. i was asking if you could make deadpool out of the ninja or the cult minion. sorry about the mix up.
  5. that is freakin awesome. they need to bring that out or put it into a dlc. i'd buy that in a heart beat
  6. I'm starting on getting all of the characters now and was wondering on what weapon and animal orb is best on getting started with. I'm starting with the thief.

    Gem sword

    In that case, somebody hit me up so i can get the other weapons. LUNYTNZ69 (XBLA)
  8. they haven't said yet. probably not till next year
  9. any chance you could do a deadpool ninja or even the cult minion?
  10. Like I said above, I've tried two people and nothing is in the x. I tried for about a half an hour the other night. Then I said screw it and kissed the clown.
  11. i've tried in a multi player with the other guy and the shield out blocking. but nothing in the "mystery x"
  12. Had the same question the other day. there is nothing there.
  13. Just wondering when more dlc's are comming out or if they have any in the works?
  14. i'm new here and have a question. at the end of the game, before you kiss the princess, by the thief there is a x on the ground. is there anything in there? and how do you get what is inside? [Da Milk Man: Edited the title so people might be able to find this more easily.]