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  1. *sigh* Guess I need to buy battleblock again... P.S: I cried laughing from that amazing trailer.
  2. Ok, just got to my Xbox and took this picture.
  3. I just recently got the purple bar. I'd post proof, but it won't let me for some strange reason.
  4. You need to have A++ed every level in solo and coop, normal and insane each.
  5. Circle head - cardinal, ninja Square head - pig, regular Cylinder head - hockey mask, the screaming head Triangle head - sunglasses, headband, tiger Star head - all the castle crashers heads, cat control
  6. I need insane mode partners, im in chapter 6, dont mind a++ing
  7. If you guys want to play or need help with insane mode add me on xbox, i might not check back here very often.
  8. Like the title says, i need someone to help me complete insane coop, preferably someone with some skill. Im at chapter 6, need someone to help me complete it. Message me on xbox: gravitycantlose
  9. I would like: A double cheeseburger Cat Control Gamertag: GravityCantLose Trading day: Saturday the 14th or sunday the 22nd from 9:30-10:30 EDIT: No longer necessary, got cat control
  10. iiwin are you still offering that head? I know im really late, ive been swamped with school work /:
  11. Yeah thank you for clarifying that.
  12. I see the relation, however, buckle is a square shaped head and peabody is a cylinder.
  13. The head with the underwear on his head that has a pee stain on it.
  14. Anyone who is willing to sell (or give away :3) Peabody to me just name your price here.