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  1. *sigh* Guess I need to buy battleblock again... P.S: I cried laughing from that amazing trailer.
  2. Ok, just got to my Xbox and took this picture.
  3. I just recently got the purple bar. I'd post proof, but it won't let me for some strange reason.
  4. You need to have A++ed every level in solo and coop, normal and insane each.
  5. Circle head - cardinal, ninja Square head - pig, regular Cylinder head - hockey mask, the screaming head Triangle head - sunglasses, headband, tiger Star head - all the castle crashers heads, cat control
  6. I need insane mode partners, im in chapter 6, dont mind a++ing
  7. If you guys want to play or need help with insane mode add me on xbox, i might not check back here very often.
  8. Like the title says, i need someone to help me complete insane coop, preferably someone with some skill. Im at chapter 6, need someone to help me complete it. Message me on xbox: gravitycantlose
  9. I would like: A double cheeseburger Cat Control Gamertag: GravityCantLose Trading day: Saturday the 14th or sunday the 22nd from 9:30-10:30 EDIT: No longer necessary, got cat control
  10. iiwin are you still offering that head? I know im really late, ive been swamped with school work /:
  11. Yeah thank you for clarifying that.
  12. I see the relation, however, buckle is a square shaped head and peabody is a cylinder.
  13. The head with the underwear on his head that has a pee stain on it.
  14. Anyone who is willing to sell (or give away :3) Peabody to me just name your price here.
  15. Id say that they'll all be out before the 1st anniversary of the game, make sense to me.
  16. If you still need someone to help you add me. My PSN's in my signature.
  17. You already added me, just invite me if I'm not doing anything.
  18. You shall not pass number 2! ONE
  19. I guess since there are less update videos it'll perhaps be released sooner? Maybe? There's a chance?
  20. I stole a piece of candy and the next day the store owner asked me if I stole it. I said yes and he suffocated me with a plastic bag. I drop the plastic bag.
  21. Yes because they make me nearly die from laughing. I can't finish Desert in Castle Crashers without help. Is that bad?
  22. Yes, this game is getting very tiring. I'm a secret agent ninja . Is that bad?
  23. The nyan cat's soul mate? That would explain your obsession for the colors of the rainbow.