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  1. I've been searching for people to play insane mode with lately and whenever i go and search for online players, no one ever plays insane mode. I was thinking maybe there should be an insane mode filter that you could somehow make to seperate players looking for an insane mode game from those who want to play normal mode. Thoughts?
  2. 1/1 Beat Insane Mode. 74/74 Collect all weapons. 28/28 Collect all Animal Orbs. 23/29 Unlock all characters. 0/1 Get to a double-digit rank in arena.(Trying to find ranked matches.) 12/29 Unlock all white skulls. 3/29 Unlock all gold skulls.
  3. Only if you don't enjoy being happy. My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Is that bad?
  4. You are a clever....uhhh.....existance...yeah that's the word I was looking for
  5. First of all, Hatty wasn't even supposed to even be seen in the game or even thought about as being a character in castle crashers, he was hacked into the game as a playable character. Secondly, why would they release a character so soon after the blacksmith dlc was released? Finally, why would they release a character to a game that doesn't even have a sure release date yet? For all we know he might not be a character until a while after BattleBlock Theater is released.
  6. 14!(Yay my post means something )
  7. I think I hit that lady over there with my dime
  8. One question Roy, how do you feel about the color purple?
  9. Not unless you use what you learned on innocent pedestrians. I like ninjas more than pirates. Is that bad?
  10. I ask Heather Locke who she is and in shock pulls my tongue out of my mouth for asking and I bleed to death. I drop the color purple.
  11. Banned for saying you don't have a signature in your signature.
  12. we've experienced technical difficulties today which set back the process. sadly it is tomorrow. I was looking so forward to it . I thought today was one of those random happy mondays.
  13. My psn is in my signature add me i need help with final battle too.
  14. Is anyone else here having trouble doing the desert level on insane mode or is it just me? I always seem to die towards the middle of the level. If someone could give me pointers or just help to the level that would be nice.
  15. I'll play in PSN arena, add me! Psn is in sig.
  16. I saw the same thing on PS3 today! I don't remember his PSN or what character it was though. All I remember is that he left as soon as the game started -.-
  17. i need a good group of people to help me get past desert in insane mode. ive done it alone with my 99 brute, but im trying to get past it with my lvl 68 civilian.
  18. You do realize it's coming out in 2012 for XBLA right? Us PSNers got Castle Crashers 2 years after XBLA did. I'm actually planning on buying an Xbox 360 for its exclusive games, so I want it to be released before I buy it. Of course, I'm still buying it for the PS3 when it's released.
  19. can you make me a blue round headed guy please?
  20. This game will definetely be worth waiting for. 3 years for a game? This game is going to be killer. I'd expect this game to be released in spring 2012. I feel like I'm going to explode from waiting . I don't wanna explode
  21. He hasn't even been announced officially by The Behemoth, but when they do my best guess is that they'll add him as a playable character when you buy BBT. Don't take my guess too serious, though.
  22. The Behemoth is actually going to be at Tokyo Game Shows on Thursday and Friday and there will most likely be some sort of footage either directly from them or from fans carrying a camera around, so yeah you can expect footage of the new BBT build.