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  1. Where'd they all go? Or is there a new forum I don't know of?
  2. Where'd they all go? Or is there a new forum I don't know of?
  3. I got to play a slight bit of the beta, but I have to say I wasn't really impressed too much. Maybe it was the character I chose, but I felt like the games pace was a bit slow for my tastes. Can you remember which character you chose? The game can be slow at times if nobody's doing anything (the matches are 30 mins long tops), but that almost never happens, at least for me. It is more MOBA-esque, so it's bound to be slow anyways.
  4. Battleborn. Currently having some matchmaking issues, but soon they're reverting it to the better system they had a week ago. Most likely. They might alter the current system a bit. Battleborn itself is pretty fun, just gets a lot of bad rep because of Gearbox apparently being the antichrist, 2K being the publisher, and Battleborn being an "Overwatch Clone" despite it being revealed and released before. Also, the games' only similarity is that they're fps with "hero" style characters. Battleborn is more akin to a MOBA.
  5. I'm honestly kind of surprised that I was still able to log on to this account. Had to delete certain things, and it's still fully functional... Huh. So does anybody else prefer Battleborn to Overwatch?
  6. RIP my PCThis is actually PS4 exclusive. Which scares me to think what the graphics would be like on PC. edit: I'd also like to include that Nissan (US) legitimately thought that some screenshots of nissan's from Driveclub were real life. You sure that isn't just a bullshot?Yeah I'm sure. I have the game. This is in Photo Mode. All I did was change the focus. Still looked great without it. It all depends on the positioning of the camera. EDIT: BTW, there are some incredible shots, much better than seen here. I'm almost to moderate level in terms of taking pictures.
  7. RIP my PC This is actually PS4 exclusive. Which scares me to think what the graphics would be like on PC. edit: I'd also like to include that Nissan (US) legitimately thought that some screenshots of nissan's from Driveclub were real life.
  8. Goddangit. I was going to link to a John Cena vid somewhere, but now I can't find it. I can't even remember if it was from MGSV, Rainbow Six: Siege, Just Cause 3, or Borderlands... EDIT: In the mean time, here's this:
  9. Yeah. It's just filler, though, to give people something while in wait for Borderlands 3. The Claptastic Voyage DLC was pretty good for me, though(final boss wasn't that nice though). I liked the space theme, and IMO the skill trees were improved upon. Nowhere near as much content as BL2, which is a shame. And the whole backstory with Jack really changed my point of view on him. I'm curious to see what Tales of the Borderlands is like now-- I heard it's a funny and interesting adventure. Also, you can find magazines and things in Concordia that break the 4th wall so hard it's ridiculous. Claptraps in Jack's office will also say stuff like, "Borderlands: The Pre Memequel. Bordermemes, the Memequel. How about Meme, meme, meme meme meme memequel meme?"
  10. Typically, when I get mad, it tends to be at BF4 or Borderlands 2(UVHM mode). BL2's UVHM is incredibly unbalanced towards the player. What's worse is that it's intentional. Not necessarily Super Meat Boy anger, but pure frustration; if you don't have something that Slags enemies(slagged enemies usually take twice as much damage), you will always die. I had troubles with the last half of the FIRST MISSION in UVHM. I went to an hour-long, mini-story DLC that ends in a farmable loot train(technically making it more than an hour long but whatever) and farmed that frickin train at least ten times. Came back to the stupid bandits and barely came through. I ended up rushing through and dodging bullets like a terrible Matrix performance so I wouldn't get my rear handed to me. The worst part was at a gate were more baddies than I can count run through and you're supposed to blow them up with a cannon, but the cannon only tickles them in UVHM, so you have to do it yourself-- facing enemies with as much health as a boss. I came through, though. Made it to Sanctuary. More on that story later. In BF4, I'm usually ticked off at out-of-region Brazilians & Japanese. See, the Brazilians don't have official servers yet, so I can sympathize a little, but their's tons of community-made servers. Now the Japanese have no excuse. There are ASIAN SERVERS. What I also don't get is that some Japanese servers are labeled "West US" in the regions section. It's a complete pile of donkey turd.
  11. Borderlands 2 & The Pre-Sequel. Clatprap--"JUST FOLLOW THE SOOTHING SOUND OF MY VOICE" *when running over someone as Kreig* "INSURANCE FRAUD!" Tannis and Torgue--"Get off this frequency, you protein guzzling buffoon! I'm trying to--" "THAT SENTENCE HAD TOO MANY SYLLABLES! APOLOGIIIISSSE!" Pre-Sequel: Jack--"Commence Plan-Shoot-That-Chick-In-The-Head, NOW!" or something like that DAHL Soldiers--"Hey, Vault Hunter! You suck!"
  12. Banned for not banning anyone. Learn what the rules are man.
  13. I created Prince in the "Peanutize Me" website. http://file:///C:/Users/clittle/Downloads/wallpaper-1444763429.jpg Hm.
  14. It's not bad for iPad. Up there with Happy Wheels Mobile for just messing around.
  15. Still wanting that chicken leg. Or at least, Captain LeBouf does.
  16. Well, let's see here. Not sure how I feel. Update 1.01: General Fixes: -Removed duplicate image that was replacing the proper one. Currently, our team is working on getting that space filled in. If you saw this post before the edit, you'll understand; if not, ignore. Thank you for your cooperation. ~MeltedCow Studios
  17. Hello, Hazard, We're sorry to inform you that there was a glitch in the system and your wish did not come through. It cannot be recovered. If you would like to contact us, please call 1-800-[REDACTED] or E-Mail us at [REDACTED].[REDACTED]@[REDACTED]. Thank and you for your cooperation; you are a valued user. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wish for an always-recharging bowl of Frosted Flakes and Milk to create a glorious breakfast.
  18. You get Pit People I insert Just Cause 3
  19. *pictures me* pls lord no
  20. We watch Wheel of Fortune pretty much every night. Jeopardy after that. Then, later at night, The Middle. It's a really funny show about a middle-class family.
  21. Well, now you can brag all you like about getting all gold skulls. That's good, at least.