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  1. i can help, my psn is fbomber1985
  2. i have a lvl 99 green knight with gold skull
  3. i would do both if my 360 diddnt RROD but i can be in the one on the 15th cause i have a psn
  4. I wanted to make it easier to get help for people to get help who have The PS Tripple, The PS Tripple I AIN'T Talkin Bout That Xbox Circle So post if you Need help OR can help others for the PS3 i need help clearing Lava World (insane mode) but i can help others i have A Lvl 99 Green Knight
  5. hi guys im tyler im 19 poth my PSN and XBL Gamertags are fbomber1982 my favorite kknight is the green knight my favorite animal orb is the chicken ive been playing castle crashers since 2005
  6. i need help clearing lava world and industrial castle and anything byond that possibly
  7. i need help on ps3 going throug lava world and industrial castle i havee a lvl 99 green night
  8. i need help doing lava world and industrial castle
  9. i need help getting through industrial castle and lava world