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  1. LilElvis

    Mount Rushmore

    Well thank you! I hoped people would like it, I actually began the project as an assignment for my art class, hopefully my teacher will appreciate it as much as you guys.
  2. LilElvis

    Mount Rushmore

    I present to you, "Mount Rushmore"!
  3. Cool! Well then, provided this gets approved, my problem will be solved! Feel free to lock this if you feel necessary.
  4. I have always wanted to see a depiction of a Yellow Knight! That looks really cool, but perhaps he shouldn't use water...
  5. Recently, I played Castle Crashers on my Xbox and received the most recent update, only to find that all of my unlocked characters and stats have been reset. Is there any way to recover this data?
  6. When you say "approved posts", do you mean posts like what I am typing now? Or approved new threads?
  7. Hi, I need help. I have only just made my account in hopes of posting a piece of art within the fan art page and I was wondering why it won't allow me to start a new topic there? Instead of saying "Start New Topic" in the top right, it says "You Cannot Start New Topics" just like it did before I was a member. Can I do anything about this?