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  1. You need to log your friend into an account or the progress wont save.
  2. Yes you get it through furbottoms all you have to do is complete it then you get the head
  3. Well I got the head from that but I know there's a lot more star heads so u guys having any more ideas?
  4. Has anyone found any more heads in the star group yet.....? Other than the castle crashers, alien hominid, and regular star head?
  5. Thanks guys. I'm gonna look up some play throughs and invite some friends to play
  6. I really love castle crashers but I just can't seem to get into it anymore. I play then after a couple levels I lose my will to play. How could I just make it more exciting for myself. I just wanna play it more but I can't build up the will to play for long periods of time like I used to :/
  7. Most of you who havent gotten them yet. I cant really put a percentage or anything like that on it but im pretty sure youll all get in if you havent yet. It just seems like its pretty logical.
  8. Mine is crazyfeet4863 I just got the email and I'm soooooo happy
  9. Im gonna play regular mode again to make my character is little stronger but when i start insane mode if any of you guys would give me your gamertag than we could be insane mode together
  10. But dont I get less xp when theres more people
  11. Its not my first time for insane im played about a quarter of it. But my character is like level 40. What is an easy way to level him up more. By the way thanks for your responces