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  1. I watched a video and was like....this is kinda 'eh'. Then I watched another video. And another. And now the complete.
  2. Thanks for sharing this. Raise Your Weapon is my favorite Deadmau5 song. I like how upbeat this is compared to the original. Had to look Madeon up, pretty impressive for being so young.
  3. Opeth's Damnation.
  4. Banned for being a confused being
  5. Banned for signifying a signature at all (banned self to avoid hypocrisy)
  6. May be true! But I assure you the sadness evoked by Lulu is still affecting me to this day
  7. Might actually be a movie? I really don't know what else is coming up in theaters that I could see with my lady. Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman in a movie is about a solid a bill as I could ask for.
  8. I like that one of the most influential groups to do EDM before it exploded responded by releasing a disco track. It was pretty advanced of them.
  9. I definitely know what you mean, but I still think its a decent album overall And I think the album to let me down the most these past couple years was this abomination: I AM THE TABLE!!!! Not to mention St. Anger. =[ Feelsbadman. The best part is is that I didn't see your spoiler and the first thing I thought of was I Am The Table. I had to edit this to clarify.
  10. The fact that I'm doing this on a MacBook and haven't mastered the Quoting option here means I'm going to continue using the name/response approach. Bloob-Gave Yeezus another listen. If Godflesh made a rap album and trolled everyone, it would be Yeezus. That's a huge compliment. GoldenGhost-It makes sense that someone out there would take 8-Bit and make full fledge compositions. All a lot of the NES "scores," if you will, were super-catchy. People non-ironically sample games like Pokemon and what-not and I can see why. thatpikminguy-I'm actually listening to everyone's selection and this is why. The Starbomb album is legit. And a lot less kitschy then it could have been, someone who's actually into rap could really respect it. The Minecraft Beta album was lulling me to sleep, which says volumes how enveloping is. Ultanoka- Even if you don't have a pick for album of the year, we still love you. Hard to determine a definitive music piece in the parameters of a earth/sun rotation anyways. Starbound is a loose follow-up to Terrerria, yeah? That game had (next to Second Sight and a few others) some of my favorite video game music ever.
  11. Golden Ghost-I had to look up Anamanaguchi, to be honest. Supposedly part of a genre called "Bit Chip..." Is it entry level enough for this newb? Chris-I have no idea why 13 got all the hate it received. Good things happen pretty much any time Iommi gets behind a guitar. Bloob-I Am A God is my jam. Kanye West begrudgingly earns my respect.
  12. Hey everyone, After an (not-really) extensive search of the The Behemoth forums I didn't find a similar topic. So I have to know: What is everyone's favorite album of 2013? Maybe tell us a bit about your experiences, I'd love to discuss it and hear some different prospectives from across the musical spectrum. Please keep it cordial; Some individuals on music blogs get abusive and this seems like a pretty good environment. My favorite album's were Nine Inch Nail's Hesitation Marks Kverltak's Meir (No full album post, my apologies) Motorhead's Aftershock And props to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' The Heist, even though it came out in 2012. I would have placed it as a favorite were I not late to the party on it. Happy 2014 All, Amir0fTheDesert
  13. I would say that the soundtrack that left the biggest impression on me was Second Sight's. Very atmospheric and moody. Have to second Terraria, that was the most recent game I played where the music was actually stuck in my head.
  14. Figured while I'm trying to earn my posting freedom from our friendly moderators that I might as well post on the aptly-titled New Member Thread. Should be good times. My love for The Behemoth started in about....05? Alien Hominid has made me the man I am today. And for that I'm mostly grateful. I enjoy caffeine, bad horror movies and arguing about music.
  15. I rock the joint as ye olde Alien Hominid. AH inability to switch weapons is a bit of a downer, though, considering he was a jack of all trades in his original game. At the end of the day though, I don't think CC was ever meant to be Street Fighter IV-XYZ Verses Alpha level of depth, what with counting of frame rates and all. Best memories of Castle Crashers was just playing with some friends. Good times.