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  1. Does anybody know what you get for accomplishing this? I'm 3/4 of the way there and I don't want it to be for nothing
  2. So I personally think hatty is possible as a star head , but not as a reward for a feature , the reason I think this, is because if you notice on the screen where you rate a playlist you will see hatty running back and forth, but instead of wearing a suit he has the body of any other prisoner just plain . ThEres also another head that nobody has any information on, the king head . My speculation is that by getting A++ on everything should unlock either of the two , so far I have solo normal done and insane done to chapter 6 , when you go to player stats you'll notice on the bar that shows your progress there are four slots , Ive already figured out that it shows for each mode , meaning both difficulties on solo and co-op! to me it makes sense that you would get the king for it because it would show how much you've accomplished in the game, but I could be wrong! And it could be hatty as a possibility. I'm 70% sure that you'll get a reward because devs don't normally let feats like that go unrewarded