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  1. You get the Castle Crashers Knights' helmets and a Hatty helmet in pit people if you have castle crashers and battleblock theater in your library ( If you are playing on the Xbox One you'll have to purchase the remastered version of castle crashers,the Xbox 360 version won't give you the knights' helmets)


    You can see all the names of the composers in the game's credits
  3. Here's the weather in my town right now. And yes,I've got a nutshack background on my phone.
  4. Dan said,that the game will release globally at 10AM PST
  5. At what time and what timezone does Pit People release (It's the 13th in my timezone already.)
  6. I'm proud of my country (Russia) for giving birth to an amazing meme as Felix the HET. The word нет is no in Russian and it's pronounced as nyet and not het. (Has someone other than me watched the nutshack here, btw?)
  7. R.I.P. Butt.. By the way, one day left! Toot-toot! ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!
  8. it's the nutshack It's the nutshack It's the nutshack It's the nutshack It's the nutshack It's the nutshack It's the nutshack It's the nutshack It's the nutshack It's the nutshack (the nutshack is the best anime)
  9. Banned for being the first ban in 2017
  10. Will it be possible to rename your fighters?
  11. You're right! Even if I was chosen for the beta, I would like to start the game over.
  12. Full Moon is my LEAST favorite stage because there are too many stovefaces and the beefy ones are just too strong!
  13. Only one week is left until Pit People's Early Access release! Will you start the game all over again or will you transfer the data from the beta? I am going to start from the beginning because I wasn't chosen for the closed beta.
  14. I got all three games! *wink-wink*
  15. I've never played any Shantae games, but this one looks awesome! Should I buy it?
  16. I don't think that there will be a sequel to CC. (And Pit People will release in 13 days,it's almost a sequel to bbt because the game's story begins after the ending of bbt.)
  17. I love watching Rick and Morty too! Can't wait for season three.
  18. I'm wathcing shows like Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, My Little Pony and Steven Universe. As for anime- I'm not quite fan of it, but I've just started watching Love Live! School Idol Project.
  19. Here's my channel! It's mainly just focused on meme videos, but you should check it out!
  20. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be written here, but what about the cost of the game in my country? One dollar is 63,66 rubles, so the cost of the game in my country is about 955RUB. I think the game will cost slightly cheaper in Russia, something around 299-499RUB. (I probably slould wait for the release to know the price.)
  21. I'm playing Battleblock Theater,Castle Crashers and overwatch.
  22. Banned for being not GRAND enough