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  1. Wow. A guy leaves for a few months and the whole forum is now dead. RIPeroni everone. Honestly, Pit People doesnt have my interest, so i am permanently placing this forum to rest. Fun during the peak on BBT though... Remember when this forum had awards? Too bad Scaler came back and ruined everything.
  2. Yeah man, I read all the posts I find interesting or from people I became friends with.
  3. I prefer the second menu. Follows along with the art style of the game more in my opinion.
  4. Im amazed at how fast you are designing this. You could seriously have a future in game designing.
  5. Wow man. The art looks great! The game looks like it will be a blast. Have you given any design details on the protagonist/antagonists?
  6. Haha. Well I dont use that either. I honesty forgot Origin even still exists.
  7. Ghost already bringing the Mod-Hammer down! I dont have steam, but those games are fun. Good luck to those that enter.
  8. Congrats Vin and Ghost! You guys will do great!
  9. I was a big fan of the DJ Hero series, so I will probably give this a shot. I dont know if I want to shell out 100 bucks for more plastic instruments, but we will see. I hope that they do what they did with DJ Hero and have some really awesome song mash ups for you to play. That element made it feel more real like and not just a 'pushing random colored buttons' game. Don't know how that would work, but I can hope. As you said Hatty, I will probably play RB4 over this, however.
  10. I love how a new Rock Band game got announced earlier this year, and quickly after, a new Guitar Hero. Classic.
  11. Did anyone else see the picture of Jon and Arin from Magfest this year? It made my heart happy. Also Danny commented on it simply saying "yaaaaaay!!". Picture and Danny comment can be found of the GG subreddit.
  12. Edit: Before you factory reset, can you go into the hard drive on the system and delete the previous updates? Truthfully, I do not know. I would assume that their was some error when downloading an update, and resetting it to the factory settings would allow you to access the downloads again without the corrupted update. If you have some way to back up everything, I would do that, but if you dont, then proceed cautiously I suppose.
  13. Have you tried resetting the xbox 360 to the factory defaults? This would wipe everything, but you can recover the accounts and would have to re-download all your games and updates.
  14. After thinking about whether to apply or not for a while, I decided to apply. My only fear in applying was my early discord with a few more prominent members back when I first joined. I have come to respect those members posts, however I am still fearful that those early times have put an unwanted disdain in the back of peoples' minds. However my love for The Behemoth makes me want to still try. As some may have noticed (or not) I have become more of a lurker recently and post far less frequently, but know that I am always here. Peace and love to all and especially everyone else who applied.