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  1. I don't know he offered the king head and i love the king head, and i offered Boom and then i we both hit A to accept and then i lost my head and i didn't get the king head and he still had the king head. So i dont know what happened but yeah...
  2. I have not posted a Topic in a while, but i'm looking for help. I recently lost my 3rd favorite head "BOOM" to a hacker in BBT, i was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade, or if you have an extra, give it to me. If you want to trade or have an extra message me on XBL:Exeodas Thanks =D
  3. Need someone to help me beat the last part of the feature!

  4. Really just really? *sigh* try and have a laugh
  5. i got a lot im looking for the king again because i traded it for lava lamp, and the new head it impossible to get because of the last frickin level!!!
  6. The thing you need to do is just stop posting, on most, not all but MOST topics when u post on a topic it makes me just not want to read anymore of it, and you ruin a lot of MATURE topics . . . Thank you for your time, and for gods sake use the EDIT tool!
  7. dude your stupid, o my gerrrrd, reread the rules PLEASE, DO US ALL A FAVOR . . . and the edit tool is at the bottom of your post . . . ^(i used the edit tool to type that . . .)
  8. Yeah, because i dont think there are any bosses in BBT . . .
  9. The Truth Has Been SPOKEN!
  10. if they were to release a cat head, That would most likely be my main head, i use hooshmen a lots I LOVE CATS (maybe spelled wrong)
  11. could u make a orange one?
  12. I am an PC/XBOX player, if you dont enjoy minecraft then i suggest you shouldn't read the rest of this topic, i have been having some issues with my new pc that i bought, i download minecraft like normally and when i go to press Play (on the minecraft launch screen) The screen dissapears and less then second later the screen pops back up! ! ! if you know what is wrong and you know how to fix it please comment on this Topic FRUSTRATED
  13. "Another thing: what is up with Collectors wanting the troll head so much" ^think about it...
  14. no, because PS is stupid, buy an XBOX! errrr somthin