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  1. Well it asks you what kind of shipping you want to use, i bought an animal orb as well and i picked the cheapest one and it only cost me $10
  2. When are they gonna email us about prizes?
  3. How are the consolation prizes for the top 24 and 50 going to work since there were only 64 participants?
  4. I feel like the tournament would have gone differently if no one juggled.
  5. Hey toast i hope you dont sell your new GOLD xbox. Enjoy it dude =^D
  6. Im really sad.... I fealt like i had a chance but it was single elimination and after one slip up i was out of there. All to quickly did it end for me, i hope none of those guys were hackers. Hopefully we will get a consolation prize!?
  7. Your welcome! But what about the rule change? Im just curious why we only got one chance to beat someone.
  8. Also how come the rules were changed to single elimination instead of best 2 out of 3. I might have won if i had another chance....
  9. I am a true Green Knight.

    1. Zephyr


      I am a true Sandwich.

  10. Will you guys be selling any leftover merch? If you have any... Also nice job, hopefully I can go next year!!
  11. "So we heard you like cats.... Come with us, theres a nice theatre full of them."