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  1. Here you go! P2 - Louisiana Terrible (OPEN, 593 kbps 381 ms) P1 - Sydney Terrible (OPEN, 380 kbps 383 ms) I understand that isn't the greatest ping to have for online games, so I'm not expecting miracles.
  2. Thank you for the reply Lindsay. We have tried playing without streaming or running any other machines that take up bandwidth and the exact same problem occurred, It seems the problem is the physical distance between the two of us. We are situated in Louisiana and Sydney. This latency issue was also a problem with Castle Crashers (causing constant dropouts) but after a title update a year or so ago to the game we have been able to play CC without any problem at all. I am just hoping that this game will also receive the same treatment.
  3. We just recently purchased Battleblock Theater to sate our coop appetite. But upon having fun with the intro animation and killing eachother outside the first level we found out that we can't even play through level 1-1. Our progress through the game has been stopped at one simple jump. Why? Because for some strange reason we cannot understand how to help eachother up (By holding RT at the top of a ledge). This is our first playthrough of the game and we are unable to move past the very first part of the game. We tried for about half an hour before giving up on the game. Here's a link to a video of the problem that we encountered.. Here's the full session from start to frustrated finish. Here's some facts to help you help us. We both have open NATs We live in seperate countries but play online coop games all the time with one another. Here's a few games (on xbox 360) that we've been able to play without connectivity issues. Castle Crashers Awesomenauts Borderlands 2 Dead Island Dead Rising 2 Rainbow Six Vegas Almost every other element of Battleblock works flawlessly except that one move (as shown in the twitch broadcast) We've tried switching who hosts the game to no avail. If anyone can give advice as to how we can solve this problem it will be very appreciated because as it is now we are feeling very frustrated with a game we had very much been looking forward to. Cheers