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  1. Sure thing, friend request has been sent. I don't believe i got it. Maybe send again? What is your GT?
  2. If you still need Cecil, I have a spare. Any chance you could trade tiny monkey for it? That is the last one I need. GT is dchh1427
  3. 994, 993 and 992 were lost at sea and no one cared enough to look for them. 989 got his face crushed by an oncoming imaginary train in the jungle.
  4. Is there any chance you still have the monkey head? I have a bunch I will trade you for that one.
  5. I REALLY like this idea, and sincerely (even though quite doubtful) hope it comes out.
  6. Looking for Tiny Monkey Head!!! Last one I need. 1,000 gems for it. GT is dchh1427
  7. Thank you for taking the time to give me some quality feedback!! I did try to make the levels (at least some of them) difficult, but it was hard to tell what was hard for other people when i have played these levels countless times and it has (for the most part) become fluid for me. I will definitely have to play them with you sometime. I wish they had a sign to show that you need to cover a specific teleporter. There are a few that I was unable to give direction to because of the lack of signs. The all black level is definitely the hardest of them all. I HAVE done it before without dying and getting an A+, but it is very difficult not to die at least once. As for the rock and treadmill, you must throw the rock onto the top treadmills and HAUL to the other side to grab it and toss it to the other side. I will show you once I get a chance to play through it with you. One thing i did happen to notice that angered me is that I did not include a Secret Level block. I had it on one of the playlists but deleted that and replaced the entire level. Thank you again for your feedback! Next time you are on I will have to invite you to a session.
  8. I finally have finished a playlist! Granted, since it is my first attempt at this I am sure it won't be perfect, but I enjoy playing it so I figure you all may as well! I hope you guys will try it out and give me feedback for the next one I make. The one I uploaded doesn't too much have a story line, and all of the levels are different colors and concepts, but I hope you all like it! Playlist name: Marooned Gamertag: dchh1427 Difficulty: Medium - Advanced I also decided to draw some terrible art for my playlist on paint! :]
  9. I currently have every head that is available (Near entirely thanks to Backup Sidekick) but I am missing the Tiny Monkey Head. I have multiple options of trading for it: Cat Control King Monster Castle Crashers Scuba Steve Meebs Barbarian Cecil FBI Agent 1 FBI Agent 2 And the newest one with 3 eyes that I can't remember the name of. I also have a butt hole load of gems. My gamertag is dchh1427 Please let me know and thank you! :]
  10. I would gladly give you hoosh for a tiny monkey head. GT is dchh1427
  11. If anyone has a spare Tiny Monkey head, I will gladly either trade one I have multiples of (Scuba Steve, FBI, Santa, King, Monster, Cecil or Castle Crasher) or give you gems for it. Let me know please!
  12. Paul is my personal favorite along with Lava Lamp and Scuba Steve close behind. I honestly don't like all too many of them. I am picky
  13. If anyone needs any of these let me know!!! Scuba Steve FBI Santa King Monster Castle Crashers I have an endless amount of the Castle Crasher heads since I own the game, so let me know if that is needed and I can hook you up. I can also give you any regular head you need, but it costs 30 to rebuy it.