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  1. I think the first part of Finale 1 is broken. I'm just before the exit but there is nothing there to turn off the fans? I see 2 nests but there hovering in mid air and aren't producing eggs. Never mind I restarted the game and it fixed it.
  2. I've beaten the single player campaign and have collected every available prisoner so far. I've played a little insane for few extra gems and that's about it.
  3. It seems very likely that it'll be that way. I'm also excited to see some professionally created levels (no offence to the user created playlists)
  4. OMG A DOUBLE POST. THE POSTER IS DEFECTIVE!!!, HE MUST BE DISCONBOBULATED AND RECYCLED!!! (Huge Cookie for anyone who gets the reference. Anywho not sure which post I should follow after so Imma choose the second post. From the Announcer
  5. Boss of Me by They Might be Giants Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered
  6. The King is still available. You just gotta beat the new Coop playlist or 1 stage of the last single player playlist.