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  1. Waiting for my posts to be approved -_-

  2. Will give it a go with my gf. I'm sure it will be lots of fun times!
  3. It's also a good idea to make a level that doesn't expect the player to know every little detail you have put into the level. If you find something straight forward and easy that doesn't mean someone completely new to your level is going to feel the same way.
  4. Ya a good way to use cats is to have them away from the actual map throwing things at you through a portal. That way they don't really get in the way, but add a new obstacle.
  5. I really enjoy the rock, conveyor belt obstacles like foxfragon was saying. I think it is because they require you to physically control something while avoiding and overcoming obstacles you can't control at the same time.
  6. I'll try to get you a level or two. Me and my girlfriend just bought the game and have spent all day today experimenting with level making (sort of the reason I joined the forum today). Anyways, it would be awesome if we could get you some levels to add to the contest. If you could explain a little bit more about what we would have to do to get them to you that would be much appreciated and since I just joined the forums I am unsure if I can even send pms yet. Also could you define hard? Maybe recommend a playlist we could check out that has a hard map or two to see how hard you want the maps to be? Thanks for your time