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  1. Im a rare type of gamer. I see them rollin' and I roll with them

  2. i won't blow the roof off, but ill put a roof on!

  3. i won't blow the roof, but ill put a roof on!

  4. The Paragon Cookie

    What Type Of Dog Is Winston?

    Winston is an adorable french bulldog :3 , well... that's what i think...
  5. The Paragon Cookie

    What Occurs When Goe To The Gift Shop -Multiplayer-

    what happens to you in the gift shop
  6. epic things happens to me and my friends when we enter the gift shop on multiplayer!
  7. The Paragon Cookie

    Prisoner Unlock Chart Unveiled

    ooh. i noticed there was an oswald head from epic mickey!
  8. The Paragon Cookie

    Please post any NEW issues in Castle Crashers

    who remembers the update that you can deny and when you enter the game without swords , what if that happens again in the next update
  9. has anyone notice that the characters on BBT run kinda like mega man