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  1. You do realize what you're asking, basically, amounts to: 'Do you mind if I tell everyone here looking to purchase something of value from you about a way to completely bypass paying you for your product and getting said product for free, and at the same time de-valuing everyone else's product who happens to be selling Star Heads. Oh, and also how you aquire these heads for free is from cheating the game.' Seems to me like a pretty preposterous question to ask someone, but that's just my opinion.
  2. Right?! It was really weird, I don't know what the heck would cause it but all I know is we were trading the nose for 0 gems because this guy was giving star heads for free and all of a sudden there was no nose. He walked out of the trading center with a star head and I walked out with my head but neither of us had the nose. It was really weird.
  3. Its cool dude. On vacation my touch screen was being a piece of poop. Isn't A C Cret giving you the nose? Weird story actually, while we were playing, I don't know if it was the connection or what but we traded and the nose was just gone! Neither of us had it. It was like some weird bug or something.
  4. I didn't even realize I liked my own post, whoops XD I know it's an unspoken rule, I use the mobile version on my phone and I was looking for a way to edit the post. Apparently I hit this like button on accident. My bad, won't happen again. And just an update on this thread, I have all of the star heads except for Nose Knows so yeah, if anyone has that, that'd be nice
  6. I have all the achievements but I'm still missing the top left dot :/
  7. I need the arena master thing too before I complete the game. I'd love to help and be helped as well. Username is my GT
  8. I got the game the day it came out. I completed it's achievements within a month (and I mean ALL the achievements), which means I have completed the story all 4 ways possible, I have both trophies, all square, circle, triangle, and cylinder heads, and I have most of the star heads, however I am missing: - Unicorn - Thief - Mrs. Pump - Groundhog - FBI Agent 2 - Barbarian - Cecil - Rammy - The King - Scuba Steve - Johnny Four - Nose Knows If someone wants to trade and can trade me some of the heads I'm missing, I have some star heads that I have others my sisters account that I can trade.
  9. Yeah, how does that work? Because it's been 3 days for me as well, and it says you can only order one head every 3 days. And if you don't follow that rule, you're temporarily banned. So...I don't want to get banned but can I order another head? If so: GT - Hoboking257 Head - The Nose Knows Payment - 20 yarn Time zone - Pacific Standard Time Time - 7:30 - 12:00 Mon - Fri Sorry if I am out of place ordering another head but it has been three days, so I'm just curious.
  10. I think you should get a platinum or diamond trophy or something for beating both insane co op and solo. I beat both and was kind of disappointed that there wasn't anything super special for beating both things on insane. Like wearing a gem on your back or something. That'd be cool...WEARING A GOLDEN WHALE ON YOUR BACK
  11. POCKET!! Yeah man, if you have a turkey that you could give me that'd be awesome. Just message me on Xbox.
  12. Dude, these are really cool. I'd ask you if you'd be willing to make a dupe of the green knight and sell it but it'd be kind of hard to part with work like this. You really have a talent for this, maybe you could make some sort of living out of it.
  13. I already have Peabody, please read the list of star heads I'm missing before replying with "Do you want this head?"
  14. GT - Hoboking257 Head - Unicorn Payment - 20 yarn Time zone - Pacific Standard Time Time - 7:30 - 12:00 Mon - Fri
  15. I got this game the day it came out, unfortunately along the way, my xbox was stolen (long story) anyway, I need some of the star heads I wasn't able to get while I didn't have an Xbox. I have a couple star heads that I have on my sisters account that she doesn't want so I can trade for those. The heads I'm missing are as follows: - Unicorn - Thief - Mrs. Pump - Groundhog - FBI Agent 2 - Barbarian - Meebs - Cecil - Rammy - Cybermonday (present head) - The King - Santa - Turkey - Scuba Steve - Hooshmand - Johnny Four - Nose Knows These are the heads I have for trade: - Behemoth Chicken - Donuts - Boot - Snail - I See You - FBI Agent 1 I obviously can't evenly trade for all heads but I can also trade all the gems and yarn you could want. Please message me here or on XBL (Hoboking257) to set up trade.