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  1. Im still going to geta wii u even though because i think it wlil be fun
  2. Hazard, why is the guy that owed the theater rarity so low. He's like a 3. Shoulnd't he be like 8 or 9.
  3. sorry, i meant the guy. the one that owed the theater.
  4. why winstons rarity so low? shoulnt be higher beacuse he was one of the first released?
  5. Awsome, I an't wait for this!
  6. OHmyGOSH. this is great, The Fogotten Knight! NOw i can go bcak and try this again. thanks!
  7. I have been doing really well with the heads up until 4 days ago when I saw someone with a presnt Sadly its the olny head im mising would anyone like to trade for it. my sister has all of them too except this one and we would be willing to trade one to get the present thanks!
  8. hats4sale

    Star Head Art

    This is awesome! I can't wait to see it complete.
  9. When was it released? I never got it. Edit: Crap… Cyber Monday. The one star head I missed. That's the one i miss too. I sympathize with you.