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  1. This is getting a bit silly now. This issue has been present since release well over a year ago. Even when you factor in any COVID-19 related delays, this is an unreasonable amount of time to fix a game breaking bug don't you think? Is there any more substantial update other than "we are working on it"?! Any information much appreciated, thanks.
  2. I'm a decent PS3 player, still looking for that first elusive gold skull, have a couple of characters maxed out and ready to go. Anyone interested in helping out and having a proper go at insane mode?
  3. I'm a decent PS3 player. Need help on Insane mode if anyone is willing to give it please? Over a year ago, I took my maxed out Red Knight as far as the Desert level solo, tried playing it multiplayer offline with friends and online with a few peeps I met who were pretty good, but basically gave up because that level is insanely frustrating. Stopped playing the game all together after I destroyed my pad in anger after one particularly long session lol. Came back to the game very recently, have almost maxed out my Open Faced Grey Knight as I have decided to use him this time, got him as far as the Tall Grass Field Level this time, although having played with some accomplished players online I'm starting to think that the Industrialist is maybe the best character to use? Advice and help online is much appreciated. Just getting one gold skull on the game has turned into a bit of an obsession for me! I'm seeing people on here who have multiple characters with gold skulls, but I hardly ever see anyone on PSN with a single gold skull, let alone multiple ones...are all the good CC players on Xbox or something? I very rarely find anyone on PSN who is up to my standard, and I haven't even got one gold skull yet...!