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  1. Looking to chat with some flashers but I feel like there's only castle crasher fans on here and no one here age 20+ I'm totally into doing some weekly animation stuff, just like the olde dayz over at synj.net/forum which is no longer goin on. Change is inevitable, I am aware of this -- BUT I DON'T WANT ANIMATION FUN TO DIE (for me). Introduce yourselves and let us chat. -Mike
  2. Hi my name is Mike Hanson, I don't feel like a newbie, but I am one to this Behemoth forum. I used to spend a large chunk of time at synj.net/forum with Gel, Sherbalex, and everyone else over there. We had a pretty tightly knit crew over there back in like 2005. At the time I was in full swing with Flash, and I'd say the peak of my experience was working with NegativeONE, who collaborated with me on a game we made called Billy And Speedy: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/151746 NegativeONE subsequently went on to code the extremely amazing Johnny Rocketfingers 2 and Newgrounds Rumble. And I had started focussing primarily on my music career. I started creating music under the moniker "These Hands" (www.these-hands.com). I toured across Canada to both sides of the coasts, performing at music festivals (I saw Burt Bacharach at a church in Montreal). I opened for a great Canadian songwriter named Patrick Watson. I made 3 albums (2 CD's, and 1 LP). I collaborated and jammed with so many independent musicians. I've come back to bring my animation, graphic design exp, sound/song composition, and general art interest to this forum. I still hope there's some Weekly Animations! And I also hope there's some experienced actionscript programmers on here too.
  3. is there an animation section? if there isn't yet, this lil spot could be it.
  4. unclemike

    StarCraft 2

    Self-explanatory. I'd like to meet some people on the forum who are involved on a competitive level with this game. A part of me thinks that Dan plays sc2.
  5. it was very random beginnings as a flash animator at the age of 16-17, and i wasn't even an uncle at the time. i'm 25 now, and yeah i'm an uncle now.