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  1. People play the game way to serious sometimes, in the wrong times. When playing with someone online you CAN pick a "bad character" and don't make fun of people for picking "bad characters." This is kind of annoying, because sometimes I just want to play for fun, not trying to beat the world record for fastest completion, and get "yelled" at for that.
  2. The faster it comes to Steam, the happier I am, I would get it for xbox, but then I can't Skype while playing .
  3. I love CC on Steam I play it a lot, I've been looking for someone to play with for a while, want to play? Also do you have skype?
  4. CC is the best game I've ever played, and I still play it after so many years, I recommend getting it on Steam or xbox, since most guides are for xbox controllers, and Steam uses xbox controllers.