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    I like writing.I seriously like writing.I would write 500 word assignments I make myself do for fun when I'm bored.If you think I write the same here as I do in school and that is not such a great achievement, you are sadly mistaken.I write in smaller sentences here because I try to fool the mind to believe I didn't write alot when the first word is near the period.See.You.Are.Falling.For.My.Psychological.trap.I enjoy BBT or as you know it battleblock theater.I know some of you could have easily deciphered that just by reading my name and that some of you like to spell theater like this theatre.I could go on forever on how I love the behemoth and I would if I was at school write now,but I'm not.Get it write now.LOL.Seriously lets get back to topic.So I will just say AH.CC,BBT and the Behemoth FTW.I also like acronyms tee hee...

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  1. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    The Anime & Manga Club~

    delete that plz
  2. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    The Anime & Manga Club~

    Here come the regular show memes.I'm too high class for those I'm more into ever day sophisticated life memes.Who am I kidding let's see that meme. Warning meme may appear below this comment.
  3. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    Game 4 - Xbox One

    I saw this and haven't been on recently hanging through out the manga club, but this leaves me jaw wide open shocked.Now I REALLY want an xbox one.Or in latent terms Xbone.
  4. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    The Anime & Manga Club~

    I just watched stardust crusaders episode 1 and the new fairy tail episode.I have a question, I heard there are past parts to this and I am asking this now, should I watch those past parts before stardust crusaders?
  5. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

    lol.Where did you come up with that, at seven 11?
  6. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    You're banned!

    Lol same time.banned for informing people with your signature.
  7. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    Battleblock Steam Beta Excitement Thread

    Lucky gamers.I have to wait.*Dis-satisfied sound*
  8. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    I Drew A Hatty

    Says the pro drawer.
  9. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    The Anime & Manga Club~

    The animation for the trailer of the anime coming back was amazing.I will be shocked if they change the animes look just like that.Other than that I am psyched, but am pretty sure the anime won't last as long as we hope because the series is ending soon. Edit: Alert!Alert!Alert! Hiro Mashima (the creator of fairy tail) has confirmed on his twitter account he will make a new monthly series of a new project of his "Fairy Tail Zero"!
  10. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

    3 "Important quote that gets everyone hyped to beat the mods, especially Dropped Your Pocket"
  11. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    Embarressing Stories

  12. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

    2 I should have been there. I could have done something. *Holds hand out to community, gets smacked by Dropped Your Pocket*
  13. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    Spongebob Squarepants

    Krabby patties are made of krabs.That is why they are called that, not only because eugene's last name.That is why he tries to keep it such a secret from others and plankton is the good guy.The story is just portrayed in a different aspect.No I did not read one comment on youtube and think this.(Or did I? )
  14. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

    28 and I'm baaaaack!!!!! (Yes I was gone for a short time)
  15. LoverOfBattleBlockTheater

    Embarressing Stories

    Here we go.Seriously though I used to/still do go online and look for things that looked interesting to me, interesting facts if you will.Then later at school tell them to my peers.