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  1. dransk<3

    Helping Insane Mode Players

    Hey I would like help. I don't really play CC on 360 I usaully play on PC where I have 5 gold skulls but I will take any help I can receive. Is a LVL 50 industrialist good enough? Also can we play on XBOX One where I have a mic but not Castle Crashers remastered?
  2. He would be a cool charecter.. but hopefully not another reskin
  3. dransk<3


    Hello forum how longs it been 2 years? Anyway Ive been watching a lot of gameplay on Castle Crashers and i see no-one using Sherbet. Know he makes you jump higher and makes it very difficult to juggle but when I'm going through my first normal play through on a character i find it really useful for having Sherbet. he allows you to jump a lot higher and makes it incredibly easier to hit the Evil Wizard in spider form and his ball form. Does anyone else use this strategy because i have never seen anyone else use it. if you don't know what i mean i may have to make a video on how much it helped me on a strength and defence only level 23 character.
  4. dransk<3


    ill try see what I can do k try add me
  5. dransk<3


    sure dud
  6. dransk<3

    Confession Time

    ive been gaming for years anf im good at bbt because of previous platformers. if u really wanted all stars ask modders for some on sevensence
  7. dransk<3


    hey guys thanks for reading this. but I was looking at my stars being all complementary to myself and I noticed I was missing the thief. so if anyone would like 800 gems or a head please comment gt bunnydude99
  8. dransk<3

    Confession Time

    I preffred back up sidekick nd I get in a lot of games of his. ad its 50 50 I usually win so he leaves. and ive never used hack in my life and right now im using a surface unable to do that stuff
  9. dransk<3

    Need Some Star Heads

    I feel so bad knowing that I have all star heads and u don't add me gt bunnydude ill try give u star heads
  10. dransk<3

    Need Some Star Heads

    ill trade unicorn for theif
  11. dransk<3

    Get'n Lazy

    now that the theif has came out im offering 100 gems for him gt bunnydude99
  12. dransk<3

    Get'n Lazy

    offering gems if people tell me wich is rewarding
  13. dransk<3

    Get'n Lazy

    hey guys well im getting lazy and well I cant be bothered getting on and off bbt or this website so . whenever a new star head is out I want you guys to message me on xbox when its out and ill give u 50 gems. gt:bunnydude99 thank u.
  14. dransk<3

    Fbi Agent #2

    I could give it to u guys for 50 gems (I dislike fbi)
  15. dransk<3

    A Hacker With Secret Heads?

    the cat control got re released the boot is out already the blender was probably the lava lamp sorry if rong he probably right U know, I saw a guy on November 15th with a present head and a love heart and a ship head or something like that so he said he saw cat before it came out it already was out it got rereleased read before you try saying i'm wrong I said your rightb