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  1. Hey I would like help. I don't really play CC on 360 I usaully play on PC where I have 5 gold skulls but I will take any help I can receive. Is a LVL 50 industrialist good enough? Also can we play on XBOX One where I have a mic but not Castle Crashers remastered?
  2. He would be a cool charecter.. but hopefully not another reskin
  3. Hello forum how longs it been 2 years? Anyway Ive been watching a lot of gameplay on Castle Crashers and i see no-one using Sherbet. Know he makes you jump higher and makes it very difficult to juggle but when I'm going through my first normal play through on a character i find it really useful for having Sherbet. he allows you to jump a lot higher and makes it incredibly easier to hit the Evil Wizard in spider form and his ball form. Does anyone else use this strategy because i have never seen anyone else use it. if you don't know what i mean i may have to make a video on how much it helped me on a strength and defence only level 23 character.
  4. dransk<3


    ill try see what I can do k try add me
  5. ive been gaming for years anf im good at bbt because of previous platformers. if u really wanted all stars ask modders for some on sevensence
  6. dransk<3


    hey guys thanks for reading this. but I was looking at my stars being all complementary to myself and I noticed I was missing the thief. so if anyone would like 800 gems or a head please comment gt bunnydude99
  7. I preffred back up sidekick nd I get in a lot of games of his. ad its 50 50 I usually win so he leaves. and ive never used hack in my life and right now im using a surface unable to do that stuff
  8. I feel so bad knowing that I have all star heads and u don't add me gt bunnydude ill try give u star heads
  9. ill trade unicorn for theif
  10. now that the theif has came out im offering 100 gems for him gt bunnydude99
  11. offering gems if people tell me wich is rewarding
  12. hey guys well im getting lazy and well I cant be bothered getting on and off bbt or this website so . whenever a new star head is out I want you guys to message me on xbox when its out and ill give u 50 gems. gt:bunnydude99 thank u.
  13. I could give it to u guys for 50 gems (I dislike fbi)
  14. the cat control got re released the boot is out already the blender was probably the lava lamp sorry if rong he probably right U know, I saw a guy on November 15th with a present head and a love heart and a ship head or something like that so he said he saw cat before it came out it already was out it got rereleased read before you try saying i'm wrong I said your rightb