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  1. Granted you think of the best wish imaginable. then forget it. You can only use the poison in emergency situations. I wish i could have a regular day
  2. Granted, you become an alchoholic for the rest of your life I wish i could walk on water (but im terrified of the ocean)
  3. The 977th monkey fell over the growing masses of monkey bodies beneath him.
  4. Were at the last Four heads! Anyone excited for them? And what do guys think they will be?
  5. The problem i have is that when i beat Furbottoms Feature it gives me a pop-up saying "You earned an avatar award but you profile was unavailable." then it say Retry Save or Cancel and if i retry save it never works and if i beat a FBF Online with others then it will kick me out if it gives me that pop-up and i hit Cancel or Retry Save and it also doesnt let me look at or earn anymore Avatar Awards in any of my other games and its getting quite annoying. PLEASE HELP!
  6. Gems suck and if no one else wanted to trade for gems you would not have them unless spare or nice people that's just my advice Gems are useless Yeah i would sorta have to agree with Jake on this one but still its a good idea to do this. Maybe you could help people out with Insane if they read this. Beacause i know i still need to beat Insane CO-OP.
  7. wat I think he said that Snuggle-Bubbler should die or something?
  8. Nope. Never locked, never unlocked. and it shall stay that way until behemoth actually releases a coke head prisoner... I totally agree. That would epic.
  9. I already knew this topic was already dying in its life cycle so i thought i might as well post a buzzkill of the entire thing I'm sorry
  10. ill trade any regular head for 10 gems each. if you want to do the trade just send a message on XBL (Xbox Live) to: Zionthunder9 and i should reply the same day or the next soo yeah just send me a message for heads. bye bye ¥(*u*)
  11. Hey guys I was reading this topic and I saw that there was a coke head. so i didnt believe it because i knew it was most likely photoshoped so i went to Mr. Hatty's profile and i saw he had a youtube account. so i went to check that out and i saw he had a video about "The Hacker" and when he showed the heads i saw that the picture was moved around and stopped, basically just threaded together and played fast so it looked like he was switching sooooo i saw another video of him playing BBT so i saw that one and he beat the level and his gamertag appeared and it was *bum bum buuuuuuum* Snuggles. *suddenly a burst of shock and awe hits the crowd.*