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  1. lashuna2001

    Lets Talk About What We Have On Battleblock Theater

    Can somebody help me with gems I need them for friends. GT:absorbbumblebee Send me a frind request. Thanks B-)
  2. This club looks like a purple bar club but this is for people who has got every single head. I have them all.
  3. lashuna2001

    Quiz For Gems!

    In total it's 480 solo+insane solo+co-op+insane co-op=120+120+120+120=480
  4. lashuna2001

    1 More Head?

    I have all released heads, but I didn't get the last head. :-( :-(
  5. lashuna2001

    My Recent Vacation - Butter Island

    Awesome levels. Can somebody help me in creating a adventure levels and encores. Send me friend request. GT:Absorbbumblebee
  6. lashuna2001

    Last Star Head

    Everybody wants to know what will happen to 6th head but nobody knows it.
  7. lashuna2001

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

  8. lashuna2001

    Looking For Insane Coop Partner :d A++

  9. lashuna2001

    Need Testers

    GT:Absorbbumblebee :-D :-D :-P :-P
  10. lashuna2001

    Chicken Toucher!

    Me too. :-P
  11. lashuna2001

    Looking For Someone To Do Coop Insane ?

    I need help too I am on 3rd chapter. GT:absorbbumblebee
  12. lashuna2001

    A Hacker With Secret Heads?

    I didn't saw a hacker so I want to see him and trade with him. I won't get banned because I trade it and I didn't hacked it.
  13. lashuna2001

    Looking For Insane Coop Partner :d A++

    I am on 3rd chapter of insane can you help me I need a partner
  14. lashuna2001

    Last Star Head

    I think that 6th head the mith will be hatty or big chin.