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  1. Learning the game with a mate would be fun, and frustrating, which leads to more fun. I mean, if you start without a friend, it will be less fun with a friend because you would have found most of the dynamics to the game by yourself,
  2. I'm a fan of stamper, but this isn't that important to the Battleblock Theater forum
  3. I dont even know if I can get the beta seeing I live in Australia and its still unknown to me if the Australian Board of Classification has even touched Battleblock Theater
  4. Its not easy to just "give out more codes". Just sit down, wait for the full release and be patient.
  5. I think I said it before a year ago, but my birthday april 10. Lets just hope Australia has classified the game by then so I can get it
  6. I dont think you had to make a forum post just because someone had an opinion that isnt yours. Let him think what he wants about it
  7. It was the aesthetics and the art style that brought me into castle crashers. So yeah, I love his art style, one day I will propose to it, but I need to find the right words.
  8. Well the beta has started... I think im done with the searching
  9. I dont think so, ive seen people that JUST joined and got in the beta. I saw people with 1 post that were in. It really tears my chest open
  10. Dont worry, we can cry in a corner together, but I feel every new behemoth account got the email
  11. Welp, I think im the only one without an email. I shall be gone. If you need me, ill be crying myself to sleep for a solid 17 hours.