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  1. How is it weird? Its a behemoth game. Strap your butt to the chair when you get it. Its gonna be a long ride
  2. Yeah, but I think I would be able to wait. I mean. I have been waiting since 2009, I think I can wait a few more months, but thats if I dont get in
  3. Every call of duty that has been over hyped by the "ever so mature" community.
  4. 3) Banjo Tooie 2)Goldeneye 007 1)I cant really think of one, but maybe... Half Life?
  5. Pfft. Live by the Gengar and die by the Gengar.
  6. Painter boss is just really fun to play in general. I dont know what draws me to colourful moving objects, but I like it.
  7. Well it's kinda yes and no, there will be a lot of levels uploaded, but it depends on how good they actually are that would keep the game going for you after you finish the campaign 100% and co-op mode 100% because they are separate. Not like that won't take a good long time. Because to do it 100%, you also need to beat hardcore both times. Plus, BBT looks like a game you can just play with your mates while getting drunk. Ahh, A drinking game would be amazing, but yeah, I dont think you'd run out of things to do in a short matter of time.
  8. Challenge mode is a real good game type for me and my mates to play and "three stooges" it out.
  9. I think The Behemoth games are fine where they are. But that is just my opinion. I just think The Behemoth rolling out new games when they want to is enough to satisfy me.
  10. The Blacksmith. His tongue is magic. Not to sound dirty.
  11. I usually dont go on forums, even though ive had my behemoth account for a while, but man. I have been pumped for the newest Behemoth game for the longest time. I dont want to get in on the whole "Beta horde" e-fight. Just let new fans in. Its a better chance that the multiplayer wont be a bust. Anyway, good luck to everyone.
  12. I'm looking forward to the soccer gametype. Im just assuming that it would have PvP in it. Other than the soccer gametype, I know that there is a gold collecting gametype, that involves 2 teams fighting each other to collect gold and get it to a safe. I think the rest of the gametypes and co op campaign things are more of an objective type gameplay.