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  1. If you have seen the updated first twenty minutes, you get all of the stuff after beating a round, And they way you open chests is you would go to your home in the town.
  2. MY IDEA FOR A CHEST SYSTEM In pit people I think it would be a cool idea to add a sort of chest system, This is my version of a chest system. Basically, after a round or a level, you will get the regular drops and a possible chance of a chest, the possibility of getting these would be uncommon to rare in the loot system based on their rank. The chests will have multiple ranks: Peasant, Rare, Legend, and Boss chests. The Peasant, Rare, and Legend chests will be obtained by winning a game along with the other loot, but Boss chests are only obtained by beating highly difficult levels. The chests will be able to be unlocked by buying keys with in-game gold or currency. The keys will be somewhat cheap for the Peasant chest keys a medium amount of gold for the rare chest keys, and a medium amount of gold for the legend chest keys, these will be bought from some sort of mid-game merchant. The boss chests will be free to open. These chests will drop 1-2 cosmetics for characters that you have on your team, the higher the rank of the crate, the higher the tier of the cosmetic. Since behemoth always has their jokes they could add a highly rare chance of getting something called a unusual " Waste of money ". "The waste of money"s would be versions of the cosmetics that are glowing. I think this would be a great addition to the game, as it would add a fun way to get cool things in the game and something for people who have beat the game to collect. But then again, this is a forum page and behemoth has probably added something along the lines of this already. Thanks to anyone who have read this and I wish everyone a good and to summer!
  3. What type of computer will it be on ( PC, Mac, Linux, etc. )
  4. Don't mind MeltedCow's communism, he doesn't believe in fun and speculation. I swear to god if someone attacks me for this post I will strike back with fury...Love yall... Isn't that what the behemoth about? ( Fun and speculation )
  5. I know my theory isnt the best ( at all ), this topic was for people to post their theories on the hat
  6. Dang... This game is turning out to be amazing
  7. Thanks Except for the end song and cut scenes ( except the intro )
  8. Respond what role the hat will play in game 4 and what YOU think it is e.g: I think that the hat possessed Hatty and sent him into a unconscious state, and at the end of battleblock theater when WARNING: THERE MAY BE SPOILERS BELOW, READ WITH CAUTION AND USE THE SPOILER BB CODE WHEN POSTING SOMETHING THAT CONTAINS A SPOILER! Stay cool ~Ashdood EDIT: I'm reading my theory again and thinking, wait... what?
  9. Shrek is love, Shrek is life. Stamper Stamper
  10. Trick question, its everything in time and space
  11. I want the ability to trade ascetic items, a ginormous world map, and accessible bloopers of will stamper . Also will it be on Linux and mac? EDIT: We need pet orbs! EDIT 2: A (laser) shark gun! EDIT 3: The ability to pee-order the game and some sort of ascetic feature that comes along with it EDIT 4: Really auto correct.... What does pee order even mean?