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  1. Thanks Ghost! Hi all, bit of an update with the minis Beefys (finally) done! More fodder thieves to fight! These dudes are in resin. Black knight Test using a different mould making technique. This one uses the thieves ' body but ive done her in Dead or alive Ayane Colours. She will be a made up boss character. Using Kasumis head... Thanks for looking!
  2. Beefy is getting there, 4 casts have been done and ready for painting, thought id share a quick shot of my workstation! Plus ive started the black knight (from full moon level)
  3. Thanks Salt and Mystic! Haha cheers Chris! Don't feel bad, you should see the amount of stuff ive got on the go at the moment. Not enough hours in the day! For example here is a beefy sculpt which Ive not had chance to do the mould or cast up yet. Check out these awesome paintjobs by Grey. (Check out his blog too, lots of eye candy on there!) Bought my youngest lad this cool wooden castle. If he doesn't play with it ill be claiming it for me:) Bit of Castle crashin'! And I also made some other old school classics, you might have seen them on my DA account but I thought Id share! Thanks for looking!
  4. By the image search im assuming that's explicit content so I cant draw that. I know I said I will draw anything but not things like that Oh its probably blocking it as he was a 50s pin up artist - Its my avatar picture, a female jester/joker in black and red checkers. Bit like Harley Quinn from Batman:)
  5. These are cool man!, Can I request my avatar - Gil Elvgren Joker?
  6. Looking cool man:) Think AH is my favorite
  7. Thanks very much guys! For those kind words here have some more pictures of what ive been up to! These new dudes have been cast in resin so are a lot lighter than metal. And a bit of a battle!
  8. @GriZZlyLiZard Thanks very much! And cool, im looking forward to the forgotten king so much:) Yeah shoot us a PM on the SDE forums if needed. Snakey Is on my list to do next!
  9. Couple more different angle shots, Pink uses the body I sculpted for FF7 Aeris/Aerith.
  10. Just realised ive not updated this for a while. Here a a few more pics... And some more sculpts/casts/paintjobs Pewter casts (ignore Sephiroth and Aeris in at the bottom lol) Painted baddies
  11. Thanks again Gman and Boxes, they are really fun to make. It was my first time casting with metal and its a really enjoyable process. It took a couple of nights making the sculpt, a couple making the moulds, and it takes around 30mins to melt, pour and cool each mini. Thanks Jaredman, I'm going to make the purple and pink knights next. (Already started the pink knights lollipop ) Think Ill be able to convert one into the Nercomancer too. I might have a few spare for sale after that, drop me an email If interested...
  12. Thanks for the comments! Managed to finish the rest of the crew
  13. Just thought Id share my latest piece for board gaming (mainly Super Dungeon Explore) This mini was made from 'green stuff' sculpting putty and cast in lead free pewter. I'm currently working on the the other knights! C+C welcome! Thanks Mark