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  1. That's amazing ) Not really, I just used the dig ability on every boss. oh
  2. Gerard. I think it's boom Gerard is star head of a hand with an eye on it.
  3. This is the trading post of AWESOMENESS (The only thing is I don't have all the characters so it's the the community's official trading post of AWESOMENESS
  4. 1.Winston 2.King 3.Boom 4.The monster 5.Lava lamp
  5. That looks photo shopped, but if it's not its got be hacked.
  6. I was trading with someone and I had one light on and they were trading gems then they quickly switched to 0 gems and we both put 2 lights on and then I couldn't cancel and they left blocked communications when I kept trying to invite them to the game but that was only one time.
  7. I sit in the trading post and get two lights on my trade then the guy,girl cancel's the trade at the last second and kills me