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  1. I forgot my picture but I did have a song that me and my friend made hope you guys and girls like it Help please help I don't know what to do help please help I need someone like you Stuck on an island crazy cats, ruling the place with their evil hats With our crashed little boat we've lost all hope but with the help of a friend we'll put it all to an end Rioting cats complaining about hats We will be free just wait and see Coming to my rescue but the cats will arrest you Just break away don't do what they say Sinking in the ocean waving goodbye This may not be over Cause Honey Hug Is Nigh
  2. I've seen so many beautiful things I think I cried twice. I kind of need help though I don't know how to post my picture
  3. Just started on my picture hopefully I can get it done in time good luck everyone