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  1. TheWingedWaffle524

    Looking For Star Heads.

    Swamp bro AND 100 gems for unicorn
  2. TheWingedWaffle524

    Looking To Buy Star Heads

    Those chickens and furrbottoms are tempting..... I used to have both, but I was a noob and traded them away for gems.
  3. TheWingedWaffle524

    Help Me

    I've seen people attach a looping video to every one of their posts, and also signatures, spoiler things, videos on YouTube, and pictures. I would really like to know how to do some of these things, so if you know how (I'm talking to you, rainbow frog loop guy) please try to explain how, or direct me to a video explaining how if it's hard to explain or if you're just too lazy.
  4. I only value star heads based on how unique or funny they are.
  5. TheWingedWaffle524

    You're banned!

    Banned for not having a number in your name. Garlic_croutons@gmail.esparagus Is also apparently a real E-mail.
  6. TheWingedWaffle524

    You're banned!

    Banned for being a cat. Garlic_croutons@gmail.corn Is a real E-mail apparently..... (even though I typed .corn O.O)
  7. TheWingedWaffle524

    Pvz Garden Warfare......?

    I bought this game and personally enjoy it. It was released in February, 2014 for Xbox ONE and Xbox 360. Later in March it was released for PC, and soon coming to Ps3 and Ps4. It's NOT just for kids! It's really fun you might've seen PewDiePie play it if not watch some gameplay on da tube. I'm lookin' for somebody to play with, so if anybody has it, SPEAK UP! It's a class-based shooter a lot like TF2 but better!
  8. TheWingedWaffle524


    What is your favorite genre, artist, song, album, band!?!? My top 10 songs are: Summer-Calvin Harris Latch-Disclosure Am I wrong - Nico & Vinz Me and my broken heart - Rixton Happy - Pharrel Williams Good time - Owl city Troublemaker - Olly Murs Sing - Ed Sheeran Story of my life - One Direction Get lucky - Daft Punk
  9. TheWingedWaffle524

    All 64 Special Heads Drawn By 64 Different Artists

    Heckle friggin' lava lamp (as soon as I find out how to post it on here) (I've already drawn him)
  10. TheWingedWaffle524

    Bunjie And Destiny

    I think halo reach was my favorite halo because campaign, firefight, and graphics.
  11. TheWingedWaffle524

    Favorite Head

    Heckle friggin' LAVA LAMP
  12. TheWingedWaffle524

    Well,this Sucks

    Sorry, not hatzilla
  13. TheWingedWaffle524

    Lava Lamp Pleeeeaase!

    Mods, lock 'er up, I got the lava lamp and am now content with life!
  14. TheWingedWaffle524

    Goodbye, Valuable Head!

    Before I start, I'm NOT giving free heads. Well, there goes 84% of people reading this. I recently made a STUPID trade just before the 4th of July. Thief for BOOM! Yep, I know. BOOM! Was given away on the 4th of July, so I basically lost my thief (a tremendously valued head). You may be thinking, Why would you do that trade in the first place!?! Well, I would do that trade in the first place because I really admire unique heads like BOOM! (especially if they're animated) At first, I didn't notice that I had done a bad trade, or even that BOOM! Had been given away on the 4th,(I had already had him, so there was no magical winged safe giving him to me) and then I went on the forums to make a topic asking for opinions on my trade, as BOOM! Was probably only favored in my opinion. Well, then I saw what Meg posted about BOOM! Being given as long as sausage for the 4th, and then that lucky stiff I traded with laughing his face off. This has actually happened with me being the lucky stiff and getting a thief head for a donut head shortly before donut was given away. Has this happened to any of you before?!? If so, with what trade!?! (I don't really care 'cause I didn't value thief anyways XD)
  15. TheWingedWaffle524

    Free Star Heads For Everyone!

    This topic is dead, Fossa hasn't been on the forums for a long while. Just for everyone STILL asking for them, you won't get them..!