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  1. Officially has all star heads in BBT. Should be an achievement for that!

  2. Unfortunately my username has a very short, boring, not at all worth reading reason as to why it is what it is ALAS I will tell it anyway! I was sitting here thinking what should I name myself? I wanted it to be cool and different from any other user names I own. Then I started thinking about Behemoth and how this account should be related to them somehow. SO I picked out my favorite Castle Crashers characters. The Industrialist, Necromancer, Thief and, "Swamp Bro" Snakey. In the end I was stuck between the Necromancer and Industrialist because I like the way the letters look when put together. You know how some words just flow, look or sound cooler then the rest? Anywho In the end I chose Necromancer because he is more iconic and memorable in the game.
  3. YES! I was hoping there would be a thief head! I would of also settled for Ice-kimo. And congrats 8Bitten
  4. I would want to be stuck on an island with the toast character in BBT. I was thinking about survival while drawing this and it just seemed like it would work. I dedicate this piece to forum member SpoonArtist. I don't know this person personally but they seem really nice and have been following this thread with a positive supportive attitude and I like that! So here you go Spoon this ones for YOU!