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  1. Mr Hatty

    A Hacker With Secret Heads?

    Hatty wow but the bhemoth has released all star head but there no hatty head
  2. Mr Hatty

    Need Some Star Heads

    Ok i get you Mr, Boobins But what you get me? No gems & Yarns
  3. Mr Hatty

    Where The Big Chin?

    How You Know?
  4. Hello Guys I Just Have A Question Where The Big Chin Head If You Dont Know Him Call Me Please Thanks For Reading
  5. Mr Hatty

    Kat Khaos 2

    Congratulations Melted Cow There A Futured
  6. Hello Guys There Attackers & Defenders How To Create : Place A Goal 1 In Some Place But Place In Place You Cant Get A Goal Place Goal 2 In Any Place But You Can A Goal Him Goal 1 For Attackers Goal 2 For Defenders Congratulations You Create Attackers & Defenders Thanks For Reading
  7. Playlist Name : King Of Muckle Creator Gamertag : Aziz XXCOOLXX Type : Arena Arena : Muckle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Guys I Create A Playlist Has Cool.Maybe And Call Me Your Rating There A Lot Time I Am Created Like Month Maybe And Now There We Go Go And Try It Please Can Be Futured There Are Challenge I Now Are You No Replay So Please Replay And Thanks For Reading .
  8. Mr Hatty

    Need Some Star Heads

    Ok I Am I Dont Now About There Mr Hatty Before You But How To Change UserName?
  9. Hello Guys I Have A 2 Ideas Idea 1 : A New Block Hes Makes You Faster Idea 2 : New Monster Hes Some Time Hes Invisible And Some Time Not Invisible
  10. Mr Hatty

    Need Some Star Heads

    I Gift You Thief But I Have Now Scuba Steve Ok Maybe You Gift Me : Barbarian Or The King Or The Nose Knows Ok?
  11. Mr Hatty

    Need Some Star Heads

  12. Mr Hatty

    BBT for PS3

    My Guess In Some Years
  13. Call Me Weapons Ideas New Weapons Idea ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Weapons Ideas: (Sword,Bow&Arrow) Call Me You Weapons Idea ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Mr Hatty

    Buying Blockateer For 900 Gems

    Hmmm I Have But Hes From My Fuvorite Heads.
  15. Mr Hatty

    King Head Please

    Please I Need The King Head Him For 1000 Gems:!: My GamerTag Aziz XXCOOLXX Post You GamerTag If You Agreed The King Head For 1000 Gems Thanks