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  1. I am not saying that you are abandoning it but what I am saying is that you have made the new game Battle Block Theater and it is awesome but It is kinda like you have stopped doing things for CC because there isn't alot of dlc just some character packs but is the behemoth going to still take suggestions for Castle Crashers because there is alot more features they could add to it and alot of people have awesome ideas and I know that you are probably all busy with Battle Block Theater and all but Castle Crashers is still a big game and in my opinion I think that it should never be old news. Maybe you could add another story as a dlc just to keep people excited because it just feels sad that things on Castle Crashers aren't getting done any more except for the Hatty Hattington which is pretty cool and sometimes I look all around the forum for any news on it but there isn't anything and it is just a bit sad because the way I look at it Castle Crashers has been outdated for a couple of years now. Maybe you might read this and hopefully think the same thing. I am not saying that it is outdated or abandoned I just feel like it is.
  2. How about this a lightning attack when you shoot it it would go as far as a fireball but not projectile and it has the same death effect as the laser.
  3. Maybe they can add a game mode were you have to hold a hat for the longest time possible and if you die or get hurt you drop it and other players get it and if it falls in the water it just respawns in the map I don't really know if this is already in the game but it's an idea..
  4. You should just add a prisoners with meme heads then the world can finally be at peace.
  5. no my avatar is a chicken is that bad?
  6. GET OFF MA GRAVEYARD!!! the toilet goes
  7. i trip on the . and fly through a window to my death i drop the universe
  8. granted but then you spent it i wish i was invincible