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  1. That's sort of my problem. I didn't know when you guys were free.... whens are yous guys free? lol
  2. I agree, it is disorganized I expected you guys to just invited each other and do battle during the weekend. D=
  3. So next week? (sorry for failing again D==)
  4. I can get on whenever it's time , but yeah zalak should put times for each match. UMM IDK!! EVERYONE GET ON AT 3 CENTRAL TOMMOROW AND THEN 5 CENTRAL THEN 7 CENTRAL!??!? THEN 9!?!? AHH
  5. Zalak123


    Then you realize, your car is a boo.
  6. makes seance but do we have everyone's gamertag? i think so yups
  7. nahh just invite your opponents into a party. I doubt we can get everyone at the exact same time.
  8. the whole official thing is a reference to the beta when it was the "unofficial" tournament. It's named that way because the game is out Exactly, but this guy does have a point. It could confuse some people...
  9. You gots to checks the brackets to see whos yours facings nexts, and invite thems tos a games
  10. omg i've been waiting for this match all my life omg who will win?!?!
  11. The tournament is begun! I have a feeling lee and killar might not remember about the tournament...
  12. Gonna be intense! Aren't they like destined rivals?
  13. Looks like you won't just be going up against Gamefemale in her mind. Good luck at the tournament everyone.

  14. Those are good questions. I can't believe I forgot to address them (Just joking, I totally can. Remember how the last tournament went?) How about the same thing we did before? Best two out of three playing the first 3 levels. If you end up in a tie, play the next one! DUN DUN DUN Sound good? Or would you do it differently?