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  1. all of the people who got the beta are getting a free copy on the 15 of may Love it
  2. i have great news battleblock theather beta Is coming this monday !
  3. Ive been checking every hour on the hour to see if they sent an email yet xD I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is check if they have sent it I am to hyped for this Yes me to I CANT WAIT
  4. Meanwhile, I'll just be playing PvZ Garden Warfare on my Xbox and take down everyone who stands in the way. Yeah i have that game to IT IS AWSOME
  5. I got a email that the beta is going to get delayd They are saying the beta needs more work. I really hope the beta comes out soon i cant wait i need to buckle my pants on pc
  6. It has a use buying weapons but i will be nice if it did something else
  7. Do you know when you can dowload the beta (i got the beta key to )
  8. I think you have a kinda lowers your chance because there only going too give out a amount of keys that there giving away (but if you still have a good register then you can still have a change