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  1. all of the people who got the beta are getting a free copy on the 15 of may Love it
  2. i have great news battleblock theather beta Is coming this monday !
  3. Ive been checking every hour on the hour to see if they sent an email yet xD I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is check if they have sent it I am to hyped for this Yes me to I CANT WAIT
  4. Meanwhile, I'll just be playing PvZ Garden Warfare on my Xbox and take down everyone who stands in the way. Yeah i have that game to IT IS AWSOME
  5. I got a email that the beta is going to get delayd They are saying the beta needs more work. I really hope the beta comes out soon i cant wait i need to buckle my pants on pc
  6. It has a use buying weapons but i will be nice if it did something else
  7. Do you know when you can dowload the beta (i got the beta key to )
  8. I think you have a kinda lowers your chance because there only going too give out a amount of keys that there giving away (but if you still have a good register then you can still have a change
  9. Yeah it says 21-31 they will give out keys (onthebeta)
  10. Srs can you go on the market with battleblock OK im sold
  11. BattleBlock Theather Idea's One of my personal idea's is bring the CastleCrashers animals (or what they are). Back how cool whould it be? Have a Shark follow you around and you can swim in water that would be awsome. And the level creators can choose which you can use or just disable it. that makes out for some fun Levels What are you guys idea's ?
  12. I have no friends .... Just kidding i ask a friend 2 2 sign up for the beta so i hope whe can play it together
  13. Yes Thanks you i have a xbox controller (who i can connect to the computer) so i think iam going too buy for the pc now (if its out)
  14. Hello I was thinking buying battleblock theather but my question is shall i buy it for the xbox or wait until the steam version comes out? I have registerd to the beta. But i dont now which version is better