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  1. Kobolds are good at what they do, and direct fighting is not that. Kobolds are quick (Can move extra spaces per turn) and deal extra damage to archers. A full team of kobolds would be something unwise in my opinion (especially in 1v1) however having 1-2 kobold units in order to flank ranged characters who typically hide behind the action can be rather effective.
  2. I caved and bought $5 of chests and got it from one of those, it's hard having an event go on when your high leveled... chests take forever.
  3. Vote for me... or don't I'm just here for the memes Official Voting headgear is appreciated
  4. When can we trade in our internet points for prizes? I've had my eye on that snazzy keychain for a while
  5. As said above unfortunately forums are becoming an outdated method of communication, with instant messaging and providers like Discord, facebook, and steam posting messages on a board is becoming a less desirable way to communicate.
  6. RIP signature my ayy lmao award is forever lost
  7. It's like a weird hybrid of facebook, old youtube from like 2010 and a forum. Also signatures have been removed and it makes me sad.
  8. >second Yes second, Zenyatta is currently the only Omnic on the roster, Bastion isn't an omnic. He is an omnic though. He's not though, Hes a manufactured battle robot designed to replace soldiers during the first omnic crisis, learn your lore
  9. >second Yes second, Zenyatta is currently the only Omnic on the roster, Bastion isn't an omnic.