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  1. All credit goes to Jeff Victor.
  2. all right the gig is up...i wanted to show the awesome avatars of FBTB in a way that didnt seem so copying. I hope you enjoy them and i will delete my account.
  3. Take THAT Jonano, you can't be a little cheating puppy after all! Stop cursing...please.
  4. Or, you know, you could NOT be a whiny little puppy. Seriously, why would you not improve your game just so you can CHEAT? Amen
  5. Stop cheating and grow levels the hard way. Everyone else deals with it you can to.
  6. Please check spelling . I think that is a good idea. I thought they should have some sort of bee to play as or an animal orb...
  7. Kept messing up on Greedo, hope this sig makes up for it:
  8. Yeti, cold resistent with my new Behemoth hoodie!
  9. Fantastic! It looks great! I'm glad you put in that DLC sneak peak at the bottom
  10. Banned for not being able to think of good reasons to ban somebody!