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  1. Fuggywumpus

    DLC Ideas Thread

    I think troll minion would be a cool dlc character. i really liked the mini crystal animal orb idea to.
  2. Fuggywumpus

    looking for castle crashers (XBL)

    Hey guys, i just joined the forum after becoming a castle crashers addict, just looking for some folks to play with. im currently working my favorite character, (Blue Knight) through insane mode and am also working on unlocking characters. Send me a PM or reply to this topic with your gamertag and ill add you. Happy Hunting- Fuggywumpus
  3. Fuggywumpus

    Find people to play CC with here!

    Hey guys, really getting into castle crashers, would love to have some people to play with . currently working my favorite character (Blue Knight) through insane mode, also working on unlocking characters. Im on XBOX live, feel free to add my gamertag, its in my signature. happy hunting