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  1. This may be an old topic but heres my input. I understand that behemoth likes to come up with fresh ideas for games but sequels wouldn't be such a bad thing. I love cc won about 6000 arena matches, beat every1 on insane twice over and now I cant stand playing it. Its so over played for me that i simply cant play it anymore. I felt the same way about BBT except it happened a lot faster. I wish behemoth would build on there good ideas and make a game better than cc or bbt with the same general concept just greatly improved. They would get back all there fans plus new 1s.
  2. Mr Hatty and Mr pocket you do realize golden ghost was mocking those who put good bye letters right?
  3. This was TRUEly made for your happiness
  4. LordSnoopy

    Game 4 - Xbox One

    Based on the shirt picture i imagine that game 4 will be about hunting these demonic creaters in order to save the world. Lol jk i have no idea what game four will be about, but it looks interesting.
  5. Mention madbestkiller to scare everyone lol. I wish all of you will read my post in serious town that is called Future of Behemoth
  6. I made a post in serious town that relates to this but it involved a whole new game stemming from CC. The topic is called the future of the behemoth. Please take a look i value your opinions.
  7. Hello I'm new. I want to make a thread for a very serious topic that I believe needs behemoths full attention. Of course it's about the games lol. Hi everyone
  8. He may have left but i lord snoopy will take his place .
  9. I think a better achievement than 7 is to beat the game on insane mode with every character. I have many characters that have beaten insane mode that are not 99 but 70s or higher. 99 just takes grinding and isn't much fun.
  10. I think they should add more weapons to make the game more interesting. A baseball bat that hits baseballs to the enemy might be good